Environmental Activities Implemented by the Mechatronics Division

Quality and Environmental Policies of the Mechatronics Division

The Mechatronics Division of Shibuya Corporation will implement its business activities based on cooperative efforts in order to respond to the trust our customers have placed in us. While expanding our manufacturing and sales activities for various products including cutting systems, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and medical equipment, we will value the harmony between our activities and the beautiful natural environment.
Setting quality and environment as key issues for the management of the Division in regard to our implementation of the above described business activities, we have established the following policies:

Key Measures
  • 1) We will establish an operation system that integrates manufacturing and sales activities.
  • 2) We will build the Shibuya brand by creating overwhelmingly superior products.
  • 3) We will introduce new products to the market in a timely manner.
  • 4) We will thoroughly implement CD activities for each product.
  • 5) We will implement human resource development for improving motivation –Demonstration of Shibuya-ism–
  • 6) We will conserve energy and resources.
  • 7) We will implement environmental and social service activities.
  • 8) We will manage chemical substances appropriately.

In order to successfully implement the above measures, we will establish both quality goals and environmental goals and all Division employees will take part.

We will comply with all requirements of relevant laws and regulations as well as all requirements, which we have agreed upon, from external entities such as customers and industries.
We will improve quality and environmental outcomes by continuously improving our combined management system as well as making improvements through goal-oriented business management and SSD activities.
We will strive to protect the global environment by preventing our business activities from contaminating the environment and by promoting energy conservation as well as resource conservation.
We will disseminate these policies to all Division employees and disclose the policies to the public.
July 1, 2017
Shibuya Corporation Mechatronics Div.
Senior Managing Director / Division President
Katsumi Mouri
Member of the Board / Division Vice President
Kazunori Tsuchimoto