Robotic Cell Culture System "CellPROi"

A ground-breaking automated cell culture system

Robotic Cell Culture System "CellPROi"

This system consists of an isolator with a built-in two-armed robot that can be decontaminated using vaporized hydrogen peroxide. A sterile operation environment of a CPC and an automated cell culture robot are integrated inside this compact isolator.

  • Equipped with a two-armed robot that can be decontaminated using vaporized hydrogen peroxide
  • Significant reduction in operator labor costs
  • Steady culturing of consistent, high quality cells
  • Humans, the primary contaminant source, are completely separated from cell culture operation
  • No need for a CPC facility which requires rigorous training and contamination control
  • An incubator can be mounted and removed aseptically making the system suitable for mass cell cultivation
  • Robotic cell culture is reliable and more reproducible than that performed by the most experienced technician
  • Can be operated manually and smoothly using the provided manual remote control system
  • Dramatic reduction in initial costs due to the elimination of complex zoning required for a CPC facility
  • Realizes low running costs by reducing validation, energy consumption and general operating costs and reducing risk of product loss due to contamination
  • Has a built-in HYDEC model vaporized hydrogen peroxide decontamination system developed by unique Shibuya technology
Ancillary Equipment for Cell Culture

Incubator (Aseptically Connected to Isolator, VPHP Decontamination Available)

Built-in Centrifuge (VPHP Decontamination Available)

Cell Observation inside Isolators (Microscopic Image)

Fully Configurable Menu Driven Process Control System

Manufacturing Management System

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Support System

Environmental Monitoring System (Facility/Factory)

Environmental Monitoring System (Isolator)

Equipment Maintenance and Management

Cell Processing Facility/Factory Engineering Support

Validation Support to Ensure Regulatory Compliance as Required



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