Aseptic Filling Decontamination Systems
The Best in Class for Aseptic Technology

Meeting Diverse Consumer Demands

Consumers want to hydrate themselves anytime, anywhere.
They have become more health-conscious, wanting more natural ingredients in their beverages, and more ecologically minded in reference to their environment.

Beverage manufacturers are introducing new varieties of products and are trying to provide more desirable drink products in order to meet the growing consumer demands.

Using energy saving processes, fewer resources and complying with stringent quality standards, allows us to meet the growing demands for food safety. Shibuya understands the various market demands and has risen to the challenge of meeting these diversified needs.

Shibuya Aseptic Filling Decontamination Systems

Unique Double Decontamination Method

Shibuya's aseptic filling systems bring together many of the newest technological capabilities.

Shibuya has installed over 190 flexible aseptic filling systems all over the world with prominent brand owners, giving our customers great success and providing them with unparalleled options.

Not a single Shibuya Aseptic system has had any product recalls due to our equipment.

The Shibuya sterile management system in our aseptic lines allow us to achieve over 200 hours of continuous production without any sterility breaks (no intermediate CIP/SIP process). We incorporate a unique double decontamination method with peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide for the chamber cleaning and decontamination process.

Aseptic Technology

Key Benefits

  • Food Safety & Compliance
  • Profit Contribution
  • Sustainability
  • System Efficiency
  • Supply Chain Benefits