EPOCS Hydrogen Gas Cutting Systems

This system is for cutting steel materials by creating hydrogen gas flames from hydrogen generated by electrolysis of water. Using water as fuel achieves a low-cost machine that is environmentally friendly.


Model HGC3500T+Model EGS12000

Improvement of cutting surface quality

Because the cutting surface is smooth with little slag and notches, secondary machining is either not required or simplified, thereby leading to smooth transfer to subsequent processes.

HGC Hydrogen Gas Cutting Systems
Model HGC3500T HGC4000T HGC4500T
Rail span 3500 mm 4000 mm 4500 mm
Rail length 3000 to 6000 to 9000 mm
Horizontal stroke 2500 mm 3000 mm 3500 mm
Effective cutting length 1250 to 7250 mm
Effective cutting width 2500 mm 3000 mm 3500 mm
Machine height 1320 mm
Machine weight 400 kg 450 kg 500 kg
Power consumption 3-phase, 200 V, 19.7 kW 3-phase, 200 V, 20.7 kW 3-phase, 200 V, 21.7 kW
  • Prepare either a 3-phase/3-wire, 200 Vac power source or a 3-phase/4-wire, 400 Vac power source.
  • ■Specifications are subject to change due to constant improvements.
Hydrogen Gas Generator
Model EGS12000
Hydrogen generation amount Max. 8000 lit/h
Oxygen generation amount Max. 4000 lit/h
Continuous supply pressure Max. 0.35 MPa
Power consumption 50 kWh
Water consumption Max. 6.5 lit/h
Dimensions 980 × 1530 × 1800 mm
Machine weight 800 kg
  • ■Specifications are subject to change due to constant improvements.


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