SLA Series Laser Ablation Machines

Model SLA Series

Model SLA2021

  • Laser ablation machine equipped with short pulse laser resonators can process a wide range of materials including glass, resin, composite materials such as CFRP, and metal foils such as aluminum, copper, and stainless steel by suppressing thermal effects.
  • Laser ablation processing achieves higher quality processing than conventional laser processing (thin film removal,micro hole drilling, micro grooving and cutting).
  • Laser ablation machine is suitable for contour cutting of FPC and cover lay film cutting such as PI,PTFE and LCP.
  • Non-thermal cutting achieves high quality cutting with less carbonization, minimize HAZ, and less burrs compared to traditional laser cutting.
  • Cutting with suppressed thermal effects can shorten your manufacturing.
  • Laser ablation processing enables micro grooving even with hard materials.
  • Laser ablation processing is excellent for thin film removal processing. such as ITO, Ag and Cu without damaging the substrate.
  • The laser resonator is selectable from a pico-second type and nano-second type laser resonator according to application, and cutting in areas where the conventional pulse laser (micro-second pulse) could not achive.
  • Specific heat treatment to minimal area is also possible.
  • The irradiation optical system is selectable from the beam scanning method and fixed optical method.
  • Ablation processing realizes high quality CFRP cutting so that the lamination state of CFRP can be confirmed.
  Ablation Thermal cutting
(conventional laser)
Cutting condition Instantaneous evaporation Melting
Laser type Ultraviolet light through infrared light Infrared light
Pulse width Several nanoseconds or less
(with nanosecond laser)
20 picoseconds or less
(with picosecond laser)
Several tens of microseconds or less
Cutting examples

Glass 60 × 40 mm, t0.7 mm

Left: Soda-lime glass
Center: Reinforced glass
Right: Alkali-free glass

Resin 60 × 40 mm, t0.1 to t0.2 mm

Left: Polyimide
Center: PET
Right: PP

Polyimide 60 × 50 mm t0.05 mm

40 × 25 mm, t0.6 mm

40 × 25 mm, t1.3 mm

Copper foil
40 × 25 mm, t0.2 mm

CFRP(Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics)
CFRTP(Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermo Plastics)



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