Ultra-Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

These fiber laser cutting machines are equipped with a compact table and achieve ultra-precision cutting.

Model SPF2305A, SPF3907A

Model SPF2305A

Model SPF3907A

  • A single mode fiber laser with excellent beam quality realizes a precision cutting of 40 μm kerf cutting.
  • Power consumption and maintenance costs of fiber laser can be reduced largely compared to CO2 laser and pulse YAG laser cutting machines.
  • The linear motor drive realizes high kinematical performance. (Model SPF3907A)
Cutting examples

SUS t0.4mm

Outer dia.: 1 mm

Outer dia.: 2 mm

Model SPF2305A SPF3907A
Laser oscillator SFX500
Rated output 500 W
Cutting range 500 × 500 mm 700 × 500 mm
Rapid feed rate 15 m/min 30 m/min
Number of controlled axes 3 (X, Y, Z)
Drive method AC servo motor (X, Y)

Ball screw
Linear servo motor (X, Y)
Least input increment 0.001 mm
Input power※1 3-phase, 200 V, 50/60 Hz, 12.4 kVA 3-phase, 200 V, 50/60 Hz, 19.0 kVA
Machine dimensions※2 2050 (L)
2000 (W)
2100 (H) mm
2390 (L)
2350 (W)
2325 (H) mm
Machine weight 3000 kg 4000 kg
  • ※1 Values include the laser oscillator, chiller and other standard equipment.
  • ※2 Installation space for the chiller unit is separately required.
  • ■Specifications are subject to change due to constant improvements.


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