USM1000 Tire Cutting Machine

This USM1000 cutting machine achieves high-quality cutting of test sample tires using CBN cutting wire.

Dedicated to Test Sample Tires

Model USM1000

Model USM1000

Test sample tires are cut by turning an endless wire, which is adhered 100-micron size CBN grains, at ultra-high speed.

Tire cutting section

  • Generation of burrs on the iron core and melting of rubber is suppressed so that secondary processing is not required.
  • The unique clamp mechanism enables handling of different tire sizes with the same clamp.
  • A wire fully coated with CBN abrasives allows cutting not only in the forward direction but also in the backward direction.
  • Since no coolant is required, there is no need for a drying process for the tires.
Model USM1000
Applicable tires Outer dia. 500 to 900 mm
Tread width 140 to 300 mm
Wall length 100 to 200 mm
Weight Max. 50 kg
Cutting speed Max. 300 mm/min.
Rapid feed rate Max. 3000 mm/min.
Wire peripheral speed Max. 3000 m/min.
Wire tilting angle 10 to 30° (manual)
Input power 3-phase, 200 V 50/60Hz 8kVA
Machine dimensions 3150 (L) × 1590 (W) × 1700 (H) mm
Machine weight 3500 kg
  • ■Specifications are subject to change due to constant improvements.


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