SWS1200B Water Jet Cutting Machines

This water jet cutting machine uses ultra-high pressure water.
It is a multi-purpose machine which is excellent in total balance. With this water jet cutting machine, the sheet for cutting is moved during cutting and the machine can be incorporated in a production line.

Model SWS1200B

Model SWS1212B

In this machine’s design in which the sheet for cutting is moved during cutting, the clamp table moves in the X-axis direction and the cutting head moves in the Y-axis direction, allowing cutting of free forms.

  • The catcher tank eliminates the use of consumables such as conventionally used SUS balls, therefore reducing running costs.
  • The flat belt fixing frame is eliminated and the side bellows structure is reviewed, simplifying work loading/unloading and enabling easy incorporation in production lines.
Model SWS1212B SWS1225B
Cutting range 1250 × 1250 mm 2450 × 1250 mm
Rapid feed rate 12000 mm/min
Z-axis movement amount 150 mm
Number of simultaneously controlled axes 2
Drive method All-axis AC servo motor
Max. table loading capacity 138 kg 276 kg
Input power 3-phase, 200 V 50/60Hz 63.6kVA 3-phase, 200 V 50/60Hz 63.6kVA
Machine dimensions 3275 (L) × 2910 (W) × 3100 (H) mm 5675 (L) × 3120 (W) × 3200 (H) mm
Machine weight 4000 kg 7000 kg
  • ※ Includes the high-pressure pump.
  • ■Specifications are subject to change due to constant improvements.


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