Application Examples

Application Examples of Cell Theraphy ①

Production of bone marrow-derived stem cell-based therapies for liver regeneration

In this cell processing system, mononuclear cell components are separated from an autologous bone marrow fluid, and then concentrated and washed to manufacture bone marrow-derived stem cell products for liver regeneration. Also, in seeking less-invasive processes, a technique has been developed to proliferate stem cells derived from bone marrow fluid after extracting a small amount of bone marrow fluid from the patient. Bone marrow-derived stem cell products are manufactured for use in the treatment of the liver and other treatment applications currently in clinical study.

Suitable for
Autologous bone marrow cell fluid
Culture vessel
Blood bag
Cell processing and manipulation
Cell separation/cleansing

Autologous bone
marrow fluid

Manipulating cells

Systems used cell processing

Cell processing isolator

"CPi" Cell Culture Isolator
[Yamaguchi Univ. /
Ube City MCC]

"CellPROi" Robotic Cell
Culture System
[Yamaguchi Univ. /
Ube City MCC]

(Aseptically Connected
to Isolator,
VPHP Decontamination

Built-in Centrifuge
(VPHP Decontamination

Cell Observation
inside Isolators
(Microscopic Image) 

Management System  

Standard Operating
Procedure (SOP) Support

Cell Processing Facility/Factory Engineering Support

Environmental Monitoring System (Facility/Factory)

Environmental Monitoring System (Isolator)

Remote Maintenance System

Application Examples②

Mass cultivation of adipose-derived stem cells and spheroid or 3D cell culture

In this system, cellular spheroids and stem cell constructs are manufactured after mass cultivating fat-derived stem cells. This equipment consists of an automated robotic cell culture system that performs a series of cell culture processing processes including cell medium exchange, subculturing, dispensation, and stem cell construct production.

Production of high-density mesenchymal stem cell, scaffold-free autologous constructs (HDMACs) for cartilage regeneration

Suitable for
Fat-derived stem cells (Adherent cells)
Culture vessel
150 mm dish
96-well plate
Cell processing and manipulation
Cell medium exchange / Subculturing
Cell observation
Production of stem cell constructs for transplant

Cell mass

High-density mesenchymal stem cell,
scaffold-free autologous constructs (HDMACs) for cartilage regeneration produced from fat-derived stem cells
[Nakayama Laboratory, Saga University]

Systems used for cell processing

Robotic cell culture system

Robotic cell manipulation

Application Examples of Cell Theraphy③

Production of 3D constructs

This equipment performs 3D tissue/organ production by assembling cellular spheroids on to a needle block according to a program without using cell scaffold materials (scaffold-free).

Suitable for
Fat-derived stem cells
Endothelial cells
Smooth muscle cells
Hepatic cells, etc.
Culture vessel
96-well plate

Blood vessel shaped construct (Left: 3D data source) [Nakayama Laboratory, Saga Univ.]

Meniscus shaped construct (Left: 3D data source) [Nakayama Laboratory, Saga Univ.]

Systems used for cell processing

Bio 3D printer

Interior of the Bio 3D printer

Application Examples of Cell Theraphy④

Production of cell sheets

*Sterile environment & Production management system JST/FIRST Program

Suitable for
Culture vessel
Special container
Cell processing and manipulation

Mass cultivation

Sheet layering

Myocardial regeneration sheet
Corneal regeneration sheet
Esophageal regeneration sheet
Periodontal regeneration sheet
Cartilage regeneration sheet

Systems used for cell processing

Cell sheet production system



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