fun-SOP® Work Record Management and Operation System

Digitalize your procedures, records, and other documents that are currently in use. Enables digital recording and signing

fun-SOP® Work Record Management and Operation System

Requiring only simple settings, this GMP-compliant system digitalizes SOP-based operation records.
Increase operational efficiency with this system which requires relatively less time to adopt.
The features of fun-SOP® include digital signing and audit trails. The system meets the ER/ES requirements of Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

1Digitalize operation records (digital data) currently in use at your workplace


Users can start using this system quickly since only a short period of time is required to make the startup settings.
Just by making simple settings, users will be able to make SOP-based operation records.

2Operational efficiency will increase dramatically by integrated use of fun-SOP® and mobile devices


Newly featuring a text-to-speech function for assisting workers when they can’t take their hands off from their tasks.
The system will automatically read the instructions out loud according to the task flow.
Since it can be set to read the text out loud repeatedly, there is no need for workers to interrupt their tasks.

  • Web enabled
  • Text-to-speech functionNew

3Offering reliable security performance at a reasonable price


Enables record and audit trails management. In addition, increasing on-site terminals is easy!
The license for additional on-site terminals is free.
The system complies with regulations using identity authentication and digital signatures.
Registration/alteration of important data can be set to require identity authentication by ID and password entry combined with a digital signature.

  • Part11-compliant
  • ER/ES-compliant
  • License-free for clients
Setting Procedure

Settings can be done just by selecting items.

Operation Method

Operation records are managed by the procedure shown below. The system can be used with a mobile device or a computer.


fun-SOP® features safe and reliable specifications. When records are being entered, the system checks with the user when an item is not entered or a unit exceeding the specified range is entered.

  • We also offer terminal devices that are operable while wearing gloves.
Increasing Terminals

A limit can be set on the amount of data to be received by each terminal device.

  • Recommended number of terminal devices: 300 or less

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