Robotic Cell Culture System "CellPROi"

A ground-breaking automated cell culture system

Robotic Cell Culture System "CellPROi"

This system consists of an isolator with a built-in two-armed robot that can be decontaminated using vaporized hydrogen peroxide. A sterile operation environment of a CPC and an automated cell culture and cell processing robot are integrated inside this compact isolator.

  • Equipped with a two-armed robot that can be decontaminated using vaporized hydrogen peroxide
  • Significant reduction in operator labor costs
  • Steady culturing of consistent, high quality cells
  • Humans, the primary contaminant source, are completely separated from cell culture operation
  • No need for a CPC facility which requires rigorous training and contamination control
  • An incubator can be mounted and removed aseptically making the system suitable for mass cell cultivation
  • Robotic cell culture is reliable and more reproducible than that performed by the most experienced technician
  • Can be operated manually and smoothly using the provided manual remote control system
  • Dramatic reduction in initial costs due to the elimination of complex zoning required for a CPC facility
  • Realizes low running costs by reducing validation, energy consumption and general operating costs and reducing risk of cell product loss due to contamination
  • Has a built-in HYDEC model vaporized hydrogen peroxide decontamination system developed by unique Shibuya technology
Ancillary Equipment for Cell Culture and Cell Processing

Incubator (Aseptically Connected to Isolator, VPHP Decontamination Available)

Built-in Centrifuge (VPHP Decontamination Available)

Cell Observation inside Isolators (Microscopic Image)

Fully Configurable Menu Driven Process Control System for Cell Processing

Manufacturing Management System

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Support System

Environmental Monitoring System (Facility/Factory)

Environmental Monitoring System (Isolator)

Equipment Maintenance and Management

Cell Processing Facility/Factory Engineering Support

Validation Support to Ensure Regulatory Compliance as Required for Cell Processing



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